Our Mission

The Brand

In 2010, Artist & Designer Nicholas Fellows launched Give God Glory Brand Company, an urban apparel line for the faith-based customer. He was led by his passion for spreading messages of faith throughout the fashion industry and creating a brand purposed only to bring Glory to God. Nick Fellows has spent several years developing the creative direction for Give God Glory Brand with hopes to create something very special for God’s Glory and his kingdom on earth.

The Logo

The GGG logo is the center of our brand being a symbol of “Pride” for believers nationwide to proudly and openly express their relationship with God. The logo consists of three interlocked G’s, which symbolize the words “Give God Glory” and a pair of wings, which symbolize God's Kingdom on earth.

The Vision

At Give God Glory our vision is for the “GGG” brand to become a wearable statement of faith for all who wear our clothing.

The Mission

At Give God Glory we're honoring God's Kingdom and reaching the masses through meaningful fashion. With your help we're supporting faith based charities and missions across the country.

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